In summary, Jessica has been in the lending & real estate industry since 2000. She has closed over 200 loans, negotiated over 200 short sales and she has closed over 160 listings & sold homes to buyers & flippers. 98% of Jessica's business has been by referral & B2B. Her caring & empathetic approach gives her clients reassurance she is fulfilling her fiduciary duty as an agent, with utmost care, integrity, honesty & loyalty in all her affairs. One thing remains clear, transparency key to helping her clients reach their goals. Jessica prides herself on creating a balance between work, family and self, giving her the discipline to strive for excellence in everything that she does. It only takes a few minutes of conversation with her, to realize she is a true professional and knowledgeable beyond her years. Here is a more in-depth look into her history. In 2000 she began working in lending, developing her experience in loan processing & loan origination. Her ability to walk her clients through the process of creating a financial strategy to minimize debt was of clear value to her clients & as a result, she grew to be a top producer through her referrals. In 2007 she entered into the REO market. This natural transition from a process oriented background, gave her the foundation to accumulate a vast level of experience with the top REO broker in Orange County, allowing her to learn in two years, what the average agent will learn in half of their career! After listing foreclosure homes, as the market transitioned to short sales, so did she. This natural progression, utilizing her process oriented approach, lead her to develop a short sale department for an attorney, generating an additional $125,000 a year in overlooked income. She continues to mentor agents & consult for attorneys, specializing in referrals including bankruptcy, divorce, probate, short sale, trust and REO. “I look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust and your business.” – Jessica Griffith